A Dragon is a species in the roleplay.

Description Edit

Dragons can be male or female, and can be breed with every race besides Wraiths. As half breeds, they may lose their pointed ears or ability to actually change into a full fledged dragon. Their genes may also mutate -- for half breeds or pure blooded ones -- so they can only change into smaller dragons or they use different elements not seen in their family.

Dragons are over-sized lizard like creatures that have immense power over the element of fire. Full fledged Dragons have the ability to change into a larger form, that grows to be quite large over the course of time. They are scaly creatures, with leathery, bat-like wings accompanied by a long, muscular tail. Some may even have feathery wings, crests, fiery manes, and ivory spikes running down their spines. Dragons can also come in many different exotic colors. On top of this, to be able to walk among the humans and other races, they have also developed a way to transform into near perfect human forms. If they become angered, however, their teeth grow exceptionally long, their scales appear on their skin, and their tail protrudes from their tailbone. Dragon culture is based on a certain level of respect, with the children being at the lowest level of the totem pole. Their women and men are in the middle and, their own royalty, whether child or not, are at the top. They have an enormous amount of respect for the royal Draconic family and most will lay down their own lives for them.