"Just.. stop squirming. It'll hurt less if you don't move."
Locke Vidolra to a hurt orphan kid

Locke Vidolra is a character in the roleplay, and one of the medics who heal people who have been injured after a fight.

Personality Edit

Locke is a very no-nonsense type of person who tends to be cruel to those he heals, unless they're little kids. He hates the tournament, and hates competitive fighting. In fact, he will tell competitors they're stupid and not be gentle with his healing. Because idiots will be idiots and he has no tolerance for idiots. Hell, he'll likely call you an idiot while healing you and make it hurt. Locke is not to be trifled with.

Background Edit

The union of a human and an elf was what birthed Locke. His father was in for fame and glory, and always fought in the tournament. This was how he died. And Locke and his mom had to fend for themselves, with his mom becoming a pirate and Locke becoming a healer. They worked themselves to the bone and it wasn't fun. In fact, it hurt. Locke's work conditioned him to take little sleep and work a lot. During tournament season, a lot of people complained he was too harsh with his treatments and Locke was usually told off.

His mom died at sea, leaving Locke all alone and working to support himself. He grew bitter and resentful towards life, and usually took it out on his adult patients because they were idiots. How he's kept his job is beyond anyone. But hey, he's good at it.

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Trivia Edit

  • Locke just hates people in general.
  • His mom is alive, but everyone thinks she's dead.
  • He's actually nicer when you get to know him.
  • His healing method ensures that his patients (adults) don't get hurt again.
  • His face claim is Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia.