"Hey, baby. Let's you and me spend some quality time together~"
Melanie Yaon

Melanie Yaon (otherwise known as Mel) is a character in the roleplay. Although she doesn't know it, she is a part of the Ishidō Family of Dragons.

Personality Edit

Melanie is the definition of a sultry seductress. She's confident, suave and a tease who will flirt with anyone to be able to steal their valuables. Her patience is miles long, and it takes her forever to get angry. She has a soft spot for children and will protect them if they are in danger. Melanie enjoys joking with people her own age as well, and is great with innuendos. Though, she has a problem with people who decide to be assholes or try to hurt a child because, to her, that's being stupid.

Background Edit

Melanie was born into the royal Draconic family, but disappeared the day after her birth without a trace. A gang of thieves found her at the coast, crying and choking on the water that washed over her. The leader rescued her, and they took her back to their hideout. Without any way to find her parents, the leader decided to raise her as his own. He taught her how to steal, how to fight and how to survive. The skills he knew, he passed down to her.

The few female thieves took it upon themselves to teach Melanie how to use her gender to her advantage and make the dumb tourists and locals fall for her charms. This was how she contributed. She used her cuteness as a child to charm people and distract them while their valuables were stolen. As soon as she was old enough to, she started to flirt with and seduce the people she was to steal from. This usually ended successfully, and Melanie enjoyed helping her family full of thieves steal things.

Word soon got around about a tournament, and so the leader of the thieves selected a few of his fighters to go participate. Melanie was amongst those chosen to participate in the tournament, and hopes to be able to win it for her family.

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Trivia Edit

  • Melanie has no idea she's a royal dragon due to being spirited away and raised by humans.
  • She has a tattoo on her right upper arm of a crown with a dagger through it.
  • Her face claim is Black Rock Shooter from the series of the same name.